Morfitt & Turnbull Limited was established in October 1971.  The aim of the Company then, as it still is now, is to obtain clients from professional connections, namely accountants, solicitors, stockbrokers and existing clients.  We have had a policy of keeping a low profile to the general public, but a much higher profile with professionals.  This, we feel, has given us good rapport and a great deal of respect from our introducers.

The company’s founders were pensions and investments specialists and in 1984 Morfitt & Turnbull (Management Services) Limited was established to be a specialist investment arm.  It was so successful that in 1986 the Company was purchased by N.Brown plc.

The company formed part of the financial services side of the N.Brown group which included Dunlop Heywood Limited.  N.Brown plc is a mail order specialist company that wanted to diversify into the financial services arena and we were the first part of their ‘jigsaw’.  By 1999 N.Brown plc decided to concentrate on their core business, which is home shopping and the internet and therefore they decided to sell off the financial service businesses.  In the case of Morfitt & Turnbull (Management Services) Limited the Directors bought the Company.

In February 2005, Gareth and Pauline Shaw bought the shares of the other two Directors and now own 90% of the share capital.

The main highlights of the company’s timeline are as follows:

Oct 1971  Morfitt & Turnbull Limited incorporated
Feb 1973  Sold company to Chancery Trust
Mar 1976  Chancery Trust sold to Arbuthnot Life
Jan 1980  Morfitt & Turnbull (Management Services) Limited incorporated
Mar 1982  Directors bought back the shares from Arbuthnot
Aug 1986  Sold company to N.Brown plc
Jun 1996  Offices destroyed by the IRA bombing of Manchester city centre
Dec 1997  M&T settle into permanent offices in Deansgate, Manchester
Apr 1999  Directors bought back the shares from N Brown
Feb 2005  Gareth & Pauline Shaw acquired 90% of shares from other Directors
Dec 2007  M&T relocate offices from Manchester to Knutsford
Oct 2011  Happy 40th Birthday M&T!!!
Oct 2018 07.10.18 Malcolm Morfitt – Co-founder of Morfitt & Turnbull (MS) Ltd dies