Morfitt & Turnbull (Management Services) Limited are financial advisers that are not tied to any one insurance company or investment house and represent over 100 different institutions. The company deals with investments, pensions and life assurance.  Any enquiry will be dealt with by a competent and qualified person.

We can either charge a fee (for pension and investment business) or earn commission (protection products only) but we will discuss this and establish which route suits you.  We will happily visit a client irrespective of geographical location at no cost to the client and undertake a report should the client wish us to do so. We do not feel that geography is a great hindrance to our clients as we have many clients in the south of England.

With the advent of technology over the past 15 or so years, after the initial meeting with a client, more and more clients are dealing with their financial affairs via the telephone, the internet and e-mail without the requirement of further face to face meetings.  When portfolio changes are required clients usually discuss their requirements over the ‘phone and subsequently, if answers are not readily available a meeting is arranged.  We foresee this situation expanding over the forthcoming years with the improvement of communication technology.

For your information our fees are detailed below. If you want an initial discussion free of charge, please contact us.

Our typical fees are 3% initial fee and 0.5% p.a. ongoing fee based on the investment amount.

Our maximum fees are 4% initial fee and 1% p.a. ongoing fee based on the investment amount.

Our hourly rate fees are £250 per hour (Chief Executive), £200 per hour (Adviser) and £80 per hour (Administrator).